The best weekend getaways from Panama City

My shirt is starting to sticky with sweat when I’m trying to get through the congested streets of Panama City.
I feel a growing dislike to this place, when taxi drivers (angry at whole world) don’t take their hands from the car horns and also under my feet, there are piles of rubbish.

The hot, humid air is more and more unbearable and I feel an unpleasant dizziness.

On days like this, all I want is to get out from the concrete streets of the city for a while. During the last year that I spent in Panama, I found a places where I like to run away when life becomes exhausting.

Here are my favorite places for a weekend city break.
Each of them is located approximately 2 hours by car from Panama City.

El Palmar

Jorge took me here for the first time about a year ago. On Airbnb he found a beautiful beach apartment with fabulous view of the ocean.
We come back to this place a several times a year, and I’m still happy as a child to think about beautiful swimming pool, a hammock handing on the balcony and the sound of the sea that accompanies us when we go to sleep.

The skyscraper in which this apartment is located is the only one in the area. So it is an ideal place for peace and quiet (if you are looking for more partying, you definitely need to look somewhere else).

There is also a surfing school in El Palmar, so if you are a fan of water activities (or you always wanted to try it) it’s the perfect place for you.

You can get to El Palmar in less than 1.5 hours from Panama City.

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El Valle de Anton

This place will attract all hiking and nature lovers.
El Valle, surrounded by beautiful green hills, was built on the spot where the volcano crater is formed. This city has its own micro-climate, and offers the optimal fresh weather for enjoying cycling or horse riding.

El Valle also has a several waterfalls, a butterfly sanctuary and a mud spa.

Playa Blanca

Here we go when we want to have a bit luxurious and relaxing holiday.

We found this place by accident when we wanted to get out of town, and all the places we knew were occupied or had crazy high prices.
Playa Blanca is home to several hotels and beautiful, well-kept residential estates. We chose Sheraton Bijao Resort, an all inclusive offering and I truly recommend this place!
At the beginning I was a bit afraid if I would find there meals matching my diet (since I don’t eat meat, all inclusive is not too tempting for me), but the menu was a large and varied. Plus this choice of drinks and cocktails was great!

The neighborhood is still wild and green. If you take a short walk along the beach, you can probably be alone with the ocean and nature around you.

San Blas

That’s the pearl of Panama.
Paradise islands, only partially inhabited by people of the Kuna clan (native inhabitants of the islands), attract tourists from all over the world.
Tourist offices are competing with each other to offer the best travel deals to the islands, so for sure you will find the best option for you.

You can go to one of the islands for a few hours. Stay the night and the next day visit a few more islets or spend a few nights here.
There are no luxury hotels or resorts in San Blas. Here everything is closer to nature and it is worth remembering when planning a trip.

To get to San Blas, you need to travel about two hours by car and then at the port change to a boat that will take you to the island. Travel agencies will provide transport. However, if you want to get there on your own, you will need an off-road vehicle. The road is quite dangerous and is not well lighted so be sure to be back before dark.

Here you can find all information about San Blas..


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