My travel bucket list

Sometimes I sit with a cup of coffee in my hand and wonder about the countries I will visit in the near future. I look through the pictures, I note in my head the places I would like to see, but in the end I almost never go to the place I thought about during the long lazy mornings

My life is a series of spontaneous actions, impulse of the heart, decisions taken under the influence of emotions.

Sometimes I just get up in the morning and feel some unknown force pushing me in a certain direction. Something tells me I should take a vacation or quit my job and pack my backpack. Any place on the world map becomes a target.

Usually after a week, I’m on my way.

However, despite the madness which (probably) is in my nature, I have a list of places that I would like to see before my death. This is the culmination of my traveling life. Cherry on the cake.

✌ – means I did it! 😉

My travel bucket list:

  1. India ✌
  2. Bali
  3. Vietnam
  4. Machu Picchu – Peru ✌
  5. Luminous Coast of Vaadhoo – Maldives
  6. China (and Tianzi Mountains!)
  7. Ice Caves in Mendenhall – Alaska
  8. Mount Roraima and Angel falls – Venezuela
  9. Pyramids in Giza – Egypt ✌
  10. Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
  11. Japan
  12. Buenos Aires – Argentina ✌
  13. Iguazu falls – Argentina ✌
  14. Thailand
  15. Antylope Canyon – Arizona
  16. Cappadocia (and balloon flight) – Turkey
  17. Paris – France ✌
  18. Moscow – Russia
  19. Cuba ✌
  20. Venice – Italy ✌
  21. See one of the Caribbean islands ✌ (I have visited four so far)
  22. Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe/Zambia
  23. Trolltunga – Norway
  24. „Underwater Falls” – Mauritius
  25. Miami – USA ✌
  26. New York – USA ✌
  27. Grand Canyon – USA
  28. Waitomo Caves – New Zealand
  29. Marble Caves – Patagonia
  30. Blue City – Morocco
  31. Salar de Ujuni – Bolivia ✌

Let me know if you have your Bucket list! If so, how many points do you have in it? ;>


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